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Emerald City Cloggers -- Clogging Dance Lessons Seattle, Washington

Who Are The Emerald City Cloggers?

Emerald City Cloggers clogging group is located in Seattle, Washington. We clog dance in the Seattle Center Armory, adjacent to the Space Needle. Seattle clog dancing lessons are taught on a weekly basis to those wanting to learn clogging steps and cued routines. We instruct all levels of clogging from learning beginning basic double-toe steps on up to the more complicated step combinations associated with the intermediate and advanced clogging. We throw in an occasional performance here and there for those of us Seattle cloggers wishing to "kick up our heels" and "double-toe our steps" to a viewing audience. 

Where Do We Clog Dance?

We currently clog dance at the Seattle Center Armory located in the Seattle Center next to the Space Needle. Although we dance in the Armory on the same day each week, the actual room we dance in fluctuates some due to availability. Please contact us if you'd like our current clogging schedule.
Learn Clogging In Seattle?

Do you and/or your friends want to learn to clog dance? Maybe you were a clogger before and just need a refresher? You've come to the right place for beginner clogging lessons as well as intermediate and advanced clogging. Clogging is an energetic and exciting form of dance which is a good workout to boot!
Other Clogging Information

Interested in learning more about clogging? Maybe you have wondered just what is the difference between clogging and tap dancing? We have included a "What's Clogging" link that will tell you what clogging is and how this fun form of dance came about. In addition, we have links to some informative websites that will give you more clogging information and knowledge.

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