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Where does Emerald City Cloggers clog dance in Seattle
Where to clog dance in Seattle

We've compiled a list of cue sheets choreographed by Tracy Turner, the instructor for Emerald City Cloggers. Most of these routines have been taught at various workshops but a few are from performances or in-class teaches that we've done. We hope you get a chance to try some of them out.
Kerri Clogs is an amazing resource for learning or reviewing clogging steps. She has a huge list of steps with video demos of each one! If you haven't had a chance to check out Kerri's site, we highly recommend you take a peek!

The largest clogging group in Oregon and possibly the Pacific Northwest. They have a large listing of cue sheets and online videos which include some challenging advanced steps. We recommend Cherry City Cloggers if you're in the Salem area and are looking for a fun group to dance with.
Ginny Bartes has done a great job listing cue sheets for many fun routines and songs. Her website also has videos of cloggers in action and photos of various clogging events. Interested in seeing cloggers kicking up their heels? Check out her site for some great clogging entertainment.
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rainbow bar

Petticoat Junction specializes in dance related clothing and supplies with a great selection of clogging shoes and taps. Just a short drive for those of us in the Seattle area but they ship as well. We highly recommend them!
The original manufacturer of the most commonly used clogging taps, the Steven's Stompers. Their large variety, printable shoe sizing guide, and easy return policy make them a good online shoe source.
Carl's Clogging is a great source for shoes and taps with reasonable prices to boot. Clogging shoes can be ordered with or without taps installed and can be returned "in new condition" if the shoes don't fit.
Now that you've got the clogging zing, how about showing off with a little "bling"! Zazzle has a wide array of clogging accessories. If you can't find what you're looking for, how about creating your own on their website!
Seattle Clog Dancing
Where to clog in Seattle

The Northwest Clogging Association plays a vital role in promoting clogging in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to promoting club workshops, the NWCA workshops feature regional member instructors. Consider becoming a member to help continue this great organization.
CLOG, Inc. is the NATIONAL non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, education, enhancement, and preservation of American Clog Dance. A valuable clogger's resource for upcoming events, instructor training, cue sheets and information.
This website is ALL about clog dancing. They list clogging dance instructors and groups all over the country. They also have a vast array of cue sheets to download. If it has anything to do with clogging, you'll most likely find it here.
"This was the must-read magazine for clog dancers for over thirty years!" They have archived all of their editions for us to read. It's fun to look back over the years to see how clogging has changed... and stayed the same.